Case: Roll D6 Domino as a business gift

Roll D6 Domino

As an example for the design of a Domino game we present a game modeled according to the Roll D6 Games brand.

Domino is surely familiar to most customers, simple to learn and gives many joyful moments. Thus, it fits perfectly for a company promoting happy gaming!


The components feature the Domino tiles, a rule booklet and the game box.

The look of the game was designed to have large amounts of Roll D6 green; it is a color which is prominent in the company brand. The tiles had the company logo added to them, and the logo is spot-on taking the place of number 6.

The eye-catching box was cleverly designed to the shape of the company die logo.



The result is a game which nicely fits the company look and offers a positive, hands-on experience to the recipient of the gift.

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