Case: Pilvi – A Yatzy game to use as an exhibition freebie

Online cloud service Pilvi is a young IT company, which offers multiple tools for cloud management to businesses and individuals. Pilvi was going to participate in an IT fair organized in Germany, and for their marketing they wanted something special and eye-catching. Thus, they ordered a business gift design from Roll D6.


To start, the game was planned to support the company image and business concept. Their slogan – Cloud for Everyone – and the idea of managing your own succcess worked as guidelines for the design. After discussion with the marketing department of Pilvi, Yatzy was chosen as the representative game. Yatzy is widely known and is easy to learn.

Even though Yatzy – as a dice game – is partly controlled by luck, players’ choices make a big difference during the game. This nicely portrayed the company idea: Manage your success. Manage your luck.


The look of the game was designed around the Pilvi brand, taking into consideration the company’s colors, logo and font. The classic game of Yatzy remains the same inside, but it received a new Pilvi look.

As seen in the picture, several components were crafted to remind the player of Pilvi imagery:

  • box
  • cover
  • scoring booklet
  • custom dice

In addition to the game rules, Pilvi’s mission statement was also written on the box.


The game came out as a product perfectly fitting the company brand. It is a great gift to give during exhibitions, events and meetings. The box also contains a flyer, which gives more information about the services of the company.

Pilvi-Yatzy fulfills its purpose especially for two reasons:

  • A gift of game is a multi-dimensional, unique and special.
  • The game-experience offers the player a very personal, positive tie to the company’s brand, and it is renewed over and over again during every play.

Pictures of the final product

yatzy_tuotekuva_1 yatzy_tuotekuva_2 yatzy_tuotekuva_3 yatzy_tuotekuva_4

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