Villit Kuviot / Wild Patterns

Villit Kuviot / Wild Patterns

is an abstract family game which requires quick perceptional skills and tactics.

The game consists of a game board with colored tiles laid on it and cards which display different patterns. Cards in your hand show patterns you need to form on the game board to score points. Every turn you can move a single tile so that your patterns would be the ones on the board. The problem is you’re not the only one with similar goals in mind.
The rapid movement of the tiles create ever-changing situations and scoring the biggest patterns is a feat indeed. The juiciest of moments is of course when you an opponent unknowingly moves a tile into a perfect position for your plans!

You can play easily scoring only small patterns or go for the big whoppers – with the added risk of not getting your patterns finished at all.

Wild Patterns is quick – it takes about 30 minutes and is perfect as a light a family game. Children can play without the most difficult patterns, whereas people looking for a true challenge of perception can leave the easy patterns out.


  • Rule book
  • Game board (20x20cm)
  • 15 Wooden tiles (3 colors, 5 pieces each) and the lock-pawn
  • 63 pattern cards (26 Easy, 14 Normal, 14 Hard, 9 Very hard)



Downloadable .pdf rule books:




Additional new cards:

Extra cards

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