Vasaran Alla / Under the Hammer

Designer: Jani & Tero Moliis
Graphic designer: Katri Vainiomäki

A millionaire has suddenly gone bankrupt! All of his belongings are going to be divided amongst his debtors and banks. You are one of the debtors, having a meeting with other like-minded businessmen who display…great interest in the property split. You are pitted against a group of greedy and shameless negotiators, who surely will not hesitate to do all in their power to obtain more gold, antiques, jewelry and other fortunes up for grabs!

Your aim is to gather and secure the most valuable set of property from the former millionaire’s estate. The estate has been divided into five categories: Real estate, cars, valuables, antiques and miscellaneous items. Additionally, there is hard cash to be earned.

The more items you manage to obtain from each category, the more valuable will your haul become. So sit down please, the negotiations are about to begin!

Pelin sisältö:

  • 1 Starting player token
  • 40 Money tokens
  • 60 Property cards:
    • 9 cards in each color
    • 5 dual-colored cards
    • 10 money cards
  • 39 Action cards
  • Rule book



Downloadable .pdf rule books:



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