Robot Factory



Designer: Jani & Tero Moliis
Graphic designer: Katri Vainiomäki

Constructing robots in a fully automated factory is quite a simple job, really. To be honest, it is such a bore that your A.I. is hardly even challenged as the head of the robot assembly. Thus you make a bet with the other overseers at the robot assembly line: who builds the best robots the quickest? The loser will buy lunch oil for everyone. There IS the faint chance of someone falling down from the conveyor belts and getting scrapped. Fortunately, those unfortunate robots can be accounted for as…collateral damage.

In Robot Factory, players will guide their robots in a maze-like factory floor, using conveyor belts that keep moving turn by turn. By playing programming cards, players will gather robot parts while keeping the available assembly instructions in mind. Once a player has enough parts for assembly, they can assemble new robots and be awarded Victory Points. The players’ robot pawns may be pushed off the board though, and they have a limited number of “lives” – CPUs – to reboot themselves after falling.

You want to gather all the parts, but so does everyone else. Keep your processor cool and tires on the belt!

Robot Factory features a pushable grid of tiles that makes the board change every player turn (similar mechanic in The aMAZEing Labyrinth). The game packs an hour of fun game-play full of surprises, as players try to push each other off the board and new emerging tiles cause logistical challenges!

The game and graphics still under developement. More prototype images on boardgamegeekkansi



  • 1 game board
  • 1 large direction tile
  • 70 conveyor belt tiles
  • 30 small conveyor belt chits
  • 4 wooden robot pawns
  • 16 CPU tokens
  • 58 programming cards
  • 20 assembly instruction cards
  • 36 robot parts (12 of each color)
  • rule book



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