Kyoto Protocol



Designer: Petri Savola
Graphic designer: Katri Vainiomäki

Kyoto Protocol is a quick card game about energy production and pollution. Players play as energy companies trying to meet set production quotas, while they try to avoid over-using resources as this will result in pollution fines.

To produce energy, players draft resource cards from the table into their hands, and play sets of a resource type onto the table as energy.

In the common deck there is a fixed amount of resources in 5 different types (from the most common to the rarest): Coal, Oil, Natural gas, Wood, Uranium.

The game lasts three rounds and at the end of each, players check their production. The more cards you have played on the table, the more you produce. If your company can not produce enough electricity for the market, it will be fined for not upholding their contract. Moreover, you will be compared to all the players, and the person who used the most of a resource type will be fined for pollution.

To make things interesting, you have the option of turning your production cards face down, and they will not be counted as pollution. Though this will require valuable player turns to accomplish, it might lead to all the companies using plenty of effort to mitigate their pollution!

At the end of the game the player who produces as much electricity as possible, while with clever card play dodges the different fines, will be the winner.

Kyoto is extremely easy to learn and offers quick card play, greedy set collection, and a whole lot of evil-eyeing other players and their massive production.


  • Rulebook
  • 110 resource cards
      30 coal
      25 oil
      20 gas
      20 wood
      15 uranium
  • 7 crib sheet cards
  • Dozens of penalty counters

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