Troll Hunt FUNDED



The lanterns are lit, and several hunters scurry along around them to finalize magical calculations.

After countless hours of physical training, the mirror-carriers are finally ready to sprint across the meadows. Old-timers scoff at the overexcited younger ones as they almost fall over from the weight. Hunter apprentices keep polishing the mirrors until the image is crystal clear. The whole village is buzzing as people tightly close all windows and doors – preparing for the troll invasion.

The sweet scent of magic swirls around the countryside as the first few beams glide across the evening dark. From far away, the trolls answer with several disdainful grunts that echo around the meadows.

The hunt is on!

We did it! You did it! Troll Hunt is funded and it has the fragrance of victory, anticipation, awesomeness and, euhh…troll sweat. Well they better be sweating, because we got about 50 excited backers ready to jump into the fray!

Our village is now secure, because of  the valiant hunters out there 🙂  Thank you so very much to all the backers and all the fans! We will keep you updated on the printing process!


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