Leaping Lemmings


Leaping Lemmings is a humorous hobby or family game for 2-6 players.

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Leaping Lemmings is a humorous hobby or family game for 2-6 players. Each player controls a cloned clan of lemmings that have been specially trained to compete with the other lemming clans, all trying to scurry down a canyon and hurl themselves over a cliff. Distance and style points are important. One lemming diving with style and élan is worth as many as five of the more mundane divers. But beware the hungry eagles circling overhead or your lemmings might not even make the cliff edge!

Playtime: 30-90 minutes (15 minutes per player)

Objective: The player with the most victory points wins the game. To earn victory points, players dive their lemmings over the cliff edge and/or collect Lemming Chow Pellets. The Board The game board is a hex-based map representing the canyon down which up to six separate lemming clans will travel. The canyon ends with the cliff edge, which is the lemmings’ ultimate goal. There are three basic types of hexes on the map: Clear hexes, which do not protect lemmings from becoming eagle chow. Brush hexes, which do protect lemmings from becoming eagle chow but restrict stacking and cost more movement points to enter. Lemming Chow Pellet hexes represent possible tasty rewards for the lemmings, and can tempt them into the more dangerous clear hexes.

Lemmings: Each player controls 10 lemmings. You are trying to move your lemmings towards the cliff, making use of covering terrain while trying to force your opponents’ lemmings into becoming eagle chow. Movement Cards: Each turn a movement card is revealed which will allow for 2-5 lemming movement points. Card luck is mitigated in that all players use the same card to move that turn. Only the top lemming in each stack is allowed to move, so covering your opponents’ lemmings is one tactic used to slow them down. The down side of this tactic is that the eagles always snatch the top lemming of each stack when they strike. Lemmings generally move forward but are also allowed to move one hex sideways.


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