Combat Commander: Resistance 1

Combat Commander: Resistance


Combat Commander Gamette focusing on Partisan Battles in WWII Europe

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NOTE: Not a stand-alone game! Requires Combat Commander: Europe and Combat Commander: Pacific to play.

Combat Commander: Resistance! expands upon CC:Europe and CC: Mediterranean by adding partisans and their war behind the front lines. This fourth volume of the Combat Commander Series features special rules and components for fighting with Partisan forces against the Axis nations of Europe.

The new CC:Resistance! playbook covers the following:
Random Scenario Generator update, including the Partisan Leader Table and Fortification OB
Definition of the Partisan Faction, its Unit Structure, Stats, and Weapons
Rules for Irregular Melee, Sewers, and Sighting Markers
New Orders: Infiltrate and Muster
New Actions: Knife, No Quarter, and Trap
New Events: Inexperience, Patriotism, and Stealth

3 back-printed maps
19-card Partisan Force deck
36-card Partisan Fate deck
228 counters
6 double-sided Scenario Cards
BGG Review
Final Unit Samples
Final Map 46
Final Map 48
Final Scenario 63
Final Scenario 68
Final Scenario 70
Final Partisan Fate Cards
Final Partisan Force Card

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