Case: Pienet Suuret Valinnat – game for student guidance

Pienet Suuret Valinnat: A collaborative game project

KOUKKU strives to assist guidance councilors in their effort to assist young people in their choice of profession. The project was funded by the European Social Fund and the game (“Tiny Big Choices” in English) will be used as a tool in classrooms to aid discussion on choice of profession.

From the game manual:Pienet suuret valinnat
In Pienet Suuret Valinnat you pursue your personal life goals, while making decisions in studies or work. The game helps you find a profession that supports the things you find important in life.

The project already had:

  • A Game Designer
  • An advanced game idea
  • A prototype of the game
  • An Artist

Roll D6 was commissioned to consult in the development and design processes, and to carry of the commodification of the game.


Assignments for Roll D6 were

  • Project management
  • Game Design Consultation (mechanics, rule texts)
  • Graphic Design around the existing artwork (layout, makeup, icon design, color schemes)
  • 2D and 3D rendering
  • Product Design (components, materials, product family grouping and design)
  • Communication with the Printing Facility

In consulting on the project Roll D6 gave their expert advice on game mechanics, rules, as well as components and functionality. Details were fine-tuned and discussed with the client during joint meeting. Graphics and design was planned in co-operation with the client and the final product was formed working closely with the client tailoring to their wants.

Overall development of the product spanned across one month, which was spread out across a four month period in order to give enough time for each stage to develop and be approved. During this time the game and its outlook and style evolved through careful planning and co-operation.

End Result

The end result of the project is an appealing, interesting, and extremely educational look on how people make their life and career choices. We would like to whole-heartedly thank the KOUKKU project for their co-operation, and drive to help young people out in the tough choices we all need to make in deciding on our career paths!

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