Jää Sulaa / Melt Away

Jää Sulaa

Designer: Jarno Siekkinen
Graphics designer: Katri Vainiomäki

It’s a brand new day on the polar ice cap.

A penguin family is enjoying the brisk Antarctic weather. Mother penguins have spent all morning teaching their little ones to swim, and they are already diving into the icy water and learning to catch fish. But it is not as easy as it looks, and only the most skillful penguins are catching prey.

The ice has begun to melt under the relentless mid-day sun, and blocks are starting to fall off. The little penguins suddenly find themselves in trouble as they float further and further away from their mother. Your mission is to get the little ones safely back to their mother.

But be aware danger lurks in the deep waters! Ollie the Orca is nearby, and is once again harassing the poor penguins!

Hurry! Get the little penguins to safety before the ice melts!

A game of Melt Away starts with the game board filled with ice tiles, and all the penguins on the edges of the board. On your turn you first remove a free ice tile of your choice from the game board, then move one of your penguins closer to the others.
Turn by turn the ice float gets smaller and smaller, and this may limit your movement – or even give new routes. The game ends when there are no free ice tiles left, and the players are awarded points for every friendly baby penguin next to his mother penguin. Opponents’ little ones give you negative points if they are close to your mother penguin, so be wary of where your opponents are moving!

Melt Away was a nominee for the Finnish Family Game of the Year 2013.


Box contents:Jää Sulaa

  • Rulebook
  • Game board -> the ice float
  • 96 ice tiles
  • 24 wooden penguins in 4 different colors


Downloadable .pdf rule books:




Jää Sulaa
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