Robot Factory on Kickstarter Now!


>>> Robot Factory Now On KickStarter!


Roll D6 Games, in co-operation with game designers Jani and Tero Moliis, launch their third Kickstarter campaign for the new board game ”Robot Factory”. Robot Factory is an exciting new title on the heels of Roll D6 Games’ previous Kickstarter success “Troll Hunt”. Robot Factory marks the second project which Roll D6 Games and the Moliis Brothers have worked on together. Their previous game was recently published by Mercury Games in North America under the title “Foreclosed!”.


In Robot Factory, players guide their robots in a maze-like factory floor, using conveyor belts that keep moving every turn. Players operate their construction robots by playing programming cards, in an effort to collect parts for the most advanced robots as required by the given assembly instructions. Once a player has enough parts for assembly, they assemble the robots in the assembly lines and are awarded Victory Points. However, the players’ construction robots may be pushed off the board, and they only have a limited number of “lives” – CPU’s – to reboot themselves after falling.


You want to gather all the parts, but so does everyone else. So Remember! Keep your processor cool and your wheels on the belt!

So Remember! Keep your processor cool and tires on the belt!

And Be Aware, this game will knock your Robo Block Off!!





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